Administering Idaho's Workers' Compensation Law

EDI Claims

NOTICE (11/24/15):

The Idaho Industrial Commission will not be entering into any new EDI Claims Release 1.0 Trading Partner Agreements pending conversion to Claims Release 3.



The most current version of the Commission's EDI Claims Release 3.0 and its supporting technical tables are now available.

The documents are substantially complete, but are still in development and should NOT be relied upon for programming purposes.

  • Please click here for the EDI Claims Release 3.0: Implementation Guide, Tables and Supporting Documents.


What is EDI Claims? Click here for more information.

  • Click here for IAIABC's home page, for more information on EDI Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guides.


Proof of Coverage

  • Click here for NCCI Proof of Coverage Compliance Guide for Idaho
  • Click here for Proof of Coverage Explanation