Administering Idaho's Workers' Compensation Law

Proof of Coverage


The Idaho Workers’ Compensation Law and Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission require employers and their sureties to file proof of an employers’ workers’ compensation insurance policy to the Industrial Commission in the form prescribed by the Commission (Idaho Code §72-311 and IDAPA

The Idaho Industrial Commission was one of the first states to adopt the IAIABC Proof of Coverage (POC) electronic reporting standard. First implemented in 1997, the POC electronic reporting of policy data replaced the paper, labor intensive reporting by insurance carriers of workers’ compensation policy data to state agencies. National insurance carriers had struggled with submitting policy data to jurisdictions using a multitude of different state forms. The POC electronic reporting standard (known as EDI) now allows insurance carriers to report policy data electronically using a national standardized format, resulting in more accurate and timely submission of policy data.

The Industrial Commission has designated the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) as it’s agent to receive, process and forward proof of coverage information from insurance carriers authorized to write workers’ compensation insurance in Idaho.


Proof of Coverage Tables