Administering Idaho's Workers' Compensation Law

Rehabilitation Services


The Idaho Industrial Commission offers rehabilitation services to Idaho workers injured on the job in Idaho. If you have been injured at work, our professional rehabilitation staff can help injured employees in many ways, including:

  • Determining the physical requirements of your work
  • Developing job modifications to accommodate restrictions from a disability
  • Working with your time-of-injury employer to develop alternative work opportunities
  • Working with your physician to determine your ability to return to work
  • Help develop new work goals if you cannot return to your old job

Rehabilitation consultants do not work for insurance companies, attorneys, or other groups involved in the workers’ compensation process. Our consultants serve as neutral third parties who are objective in providing you with return to work assistance. Brochures on how rehabilitation benefits injured workers and how rehabilitation benefits employers, are available online.


The rehabilitation services of the Industrial Commission are provided to injured workers at no charge. We do not charge the employee, the employer, or the insurer. Rehabilitation services are funded by a tax collected from workers' compensation premiums.


We accept referrals from:

  • Self-referrals - To have a staff member contact you for referral click here and fill out the form.

  • Referring Parties
    • Employers
    • Insurers
    • Physicians
    • Attorneys
    • Therapists

To receive rehabilitation services, send a completed referral form, by mail or fax, to the Industrial Commission office nearest to the injured worker. Completed forms can also be emailed.