IRIS Modernization Project

What is IRIS?

IRIS, the Industrial Commission’s Redesigned Information System, is a multi-year project, executed by the Idaho Industrial Commission (IIC) in tandem with In Time Tec, to configure commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software which fulfills the Industrial Commission’s business requirements. The goal of IRIS is to replace paper-dependent administrative processes with digital solutions that emphasize customer service, optimize data management, and foster workflow efficiency.

The project will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to replace all existing business applications. It will also introduce digital document storage solutions and Power BI, a robust reporting and analytics tool, to Commission operations.

Feel free to reach out to the IRIS team at with any questions.

IRIS Update – February 2024

The Industrial Commission’s Adjudication department is transitioning case management and business processes to a new information system. The current Adjudication business system will be offline beginning 5:00 PM MST Thursday, February 8th, to the morning of Monday, February 12th, while we migrate Adjudication data. The Adjudication department will not be able to update existing cases within this time frame. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The Adjudication department will be back online and ready to conduct regular business Monday, February 12th at 8:00 AM MDT.

Meet In Time Tec

On January 6, 2021, the Industrial Commission selected In Time Tec as the technology integration partner for the IRIS project. In Time Tec is a global software solutions company based in Meridian, Idaho, with offices in California, Oregon, and India. They partner closely with clients to supplement and support their teams to build software products focused on achieving business goals. Their commitment to employees, clients, and partners is to generate a future built on core values of trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership. Their mission is to create abundance. The Industrial Commission is excited to work with them on the IRIS project, and several of their employees will be working at the Chinden campus right next to our employees. 

IRIS Benefits

–  IIC will be paperless and provide 24/7 online access to constituents
–  Easily configurable case management systems meeting IIC needs and supportable in-house
–  Files and documents stored electronically
–  Quick response time to customers with electronic requests for hearings and adjudication filings
–  Widely available, current systems software with timely and consistent vendor updates
–  Digitized records easily accessible in a system with long term viability
–  Records are easy to locate with online document and file search
–  Robust data analytics to evaluate internal performance and increase customer service

Current Status

–  Except for IIC, all Idaho courts are electronic and paperless
–  20-year-old case management systems no longer supported by in-house IT staff
–  Files and documents stored in boxes and microfilm
–  Slower response to hearings and adjudication filings dependent on mail and fax
–  Upgrades to existing systems increasingly difficult due to their age
–  20-year-old digitized records storage system is incompatible with necessary Windows upgrades
–  Responding to records requests is complex due to multiple record storage locations
–  Limited data and resources to conduct analysis

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