Information for Employers

Benefits of Rehabilitation

The Industrial Commission offers “no cost” rehabilitation services to Idaho employers and injured workers who have sustained a workplace injury. Rehabilitation professionals can mutually benefit employers and injured workers by keeping claim costs low and facilitating an early return to work or compatible employment opportunities.

Our rehabilitation consultants act as a neutral party to coordinate return-to-work efforts with the injured worker, employer, insurance company, physician, attorney, and other individuals involved in the industrial claim. The function of the rehabilitation consultant is to assist these parties with the vocational aspects related to the industrial claim and its resolution.

The goal of the rehabilitation consultant is to return the injured worker back to the labor market as close as possible to his or her pre-injury status and wage. Due to this, employers may experience a reduction in time loss expenditures and the injured worker may experience an easy and timely return to the labor market.

The rehabilitation consultant can be a valuable resource to both you and your employees in answering and resolving workplace injury issues.

How we can help

The injured worker’s job duties will be analyzed and discussed with the treating medical providers. Information obtained regarding the injured worker’s present medical condition, diagnosis, and treatment as it relates to employability timeframes will be shared with you as it relates to return to work and job accommodations. We can also:

  • Identify and address concerns associated with the industrial accident.
  • Contact your insurance carrier to coordinate medical recovery and to keep you apprised of the injured worker’s vocational status.
  • Work with you, and the employee when necessary, to make job accommodations that will enable a return to work for the injured worker.
  • Help the injured worker develop a new employment goal if a job change is required.
  • Contact other employers if other job development and placement is needed for the injured worker.
  • Make frequent contact with the injured worker to maintain motivation to return to work and to assist with the return to employment process.
  • Assistance in job placement if return to the time-of-injury employer is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rehabilitation services of the Industrial Commission are provided as a no-charge service. We do not charge the employer, injured worker, or the insurer for assistance with their industrial claims. Rehabilitation services are funded by a tax collected from workers’ compensation premiums.

The rehabilitation consultant will work with you to document your injured employee’s job duties and will converse with the attending medical providers to obtain timely, accurate information. The physician’s recommendations will be shared with you so that informed business decisions can be made. The result may be reducing costs and insurance expenditures by increasing productivity and facilitating an early return to employment.

The notice of injury form can be found on the Industrial Commission website under the section for employers and the link for reporting injuries. This form can be printed and sent to the Idaho Industrial Commission Boise office or completed and e-mailed to

You may either call to request assistance from a local office or you may visit the website, print a referral for services, and mail or fax it to the nearest field office.

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