Administering Idaho's Workers' Compensation Law


The Industrial Commission is the state agency responsible for:

  • Regulating workers' compensation activities in Idaho, including companies licensed to issue workers' compensation policies.
  • Ensuring that employers have workers' compensation coverage as required by law.
  • Settling disputes between injured workers, employers, and insurers.
  • Deciding appeals for unemployment decisions from the Idaho Department of Labor.
  • Assisting injured workers by supporting their medical recovery while facilitating a timely return to employment that is as close as possible to the worker’s pre-injury status and wage.
  • Providing compensation to innocent victims of crime through the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

EDI Claims Release 3.0 (Updated 11/22/17)

  • The technical tables are complete. However, they are subject to change.
  • Please review these tables regularly for any changes which may impact your business processes. See the document Change Log, EDI Claims Release 3.0 for specific changes affecting the tables.

More Information:

Draft Audit Guidelines (Updated 12/11/17)

  • The comment period for the draft audit guidelines closes 12/22/2017. Please submit your written comments to Nick Stout at the Commission by 5:00pm December 22nd.

  • The Industrial Commission Claims and Benefits department conducts compliance audits of insurers and their designated in-state adjusters. Periodic audits are performed to ensure insurer and self-insured employers are in compliance with claims adjusting requirements as required by Statute and Rule. Below are the most current version of the draft audit guidelines.

Next Advisory Committee Meeting: (Updated 1/17/18)


The next meeting of the Commission's Advisory Committee is scheduled to be held February 14, 2018 beginning at 9:00 AM in the Industrial Commission's first floor conference room, 700 Clearwater Lane, Boise, Idaho.

2017-2018 Advisory Committee

Scheduled Advisory Committee Meetings:

Updated 11/17

Registration: Industrial Injuries & Opioids - A Panel Discussion (12/5/17)


Please use our registration form to reserve your attendance to the Industrial Injuries & Opioids Panel Discussion. We want to make the process to attend as easy as possible. You will need to complete a separate registration form for each individual attending. If you have any questions about registration, please call or email Michelle Wong at (208) 334-6061,

NCCI Medical Data Report: Opioid Utilization Supplement
Office of Drug Policies Strategic Plan


FY2018 Proposed Rules (Updated 11/01/17)


17.02.04, Administrative Rules of the IC Under the Worker's Compensation Law - Benefits
          17-0204-1701    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11
          17-0204-1702    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11

17.02.07, Procedures to Obtain Compensation
          17-0207-1701    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11

17.02.08, Miscellaneous Provisions
          17-0208-1701    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11

17.02.10, Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission Under the Workers' Compensation Law --
Security for Compensation -- Insurance Carriers

          17-0210-1701    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11

17.02.11, Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission Under the Workers’ Compensation Law --
Security for Compensation -- Self-Insured Employers

          17-0211-1701    Proposed Rulemaking, Bulletin Vol. 17-11

More Information:

Notice of Intent for Negotiated Rulemaking - 2018

FY 2018 Strategic Plan


The FY18 Strategic Plan has been posted.

The PDF version is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Stout.

Updated 7/17