Annual Seminar on Workers’ Compensation – September 12, 2024

The Industrial Commission will host the Annual Seminar on Workers’ Compensation September 12, 2024.

The annual seminar was created to educate all who participate in the Idaho workers’ compensation system regarding current rules, procedures, and to provide an opportunity for dialogue and networking on a variety of timely topics.

Employers, attorneys, safety and human resource managers, insurers, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, claim-closure service providers, insurance agents, injured workers, union representatives, medical providers, service provider staff who handle billing and documentation, managed care organizations, and vocational rehabilitation providers are encouraged to attend. In fact, anyone interested in the Idaho workers’ compensation system will find valuable information at the Idaho Industrial Commission Annual Seminar on Workers’ Compensation.

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Certified Idaho Workers’ Compensation Specialist Course

Become an Idaho Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist. The Idaho Industrial Commission has developed a series of courses for workers’ compensation adjusters and other professionals.

Employer Education and Evaluation

The Employer Education and Evaluation program provides training for employers to help identify practices that may reduce exposure to liability. The Industrial Commission has developed a training program that is available for presentation to employer groups upon request. Employers also have the opportunity to be evaluated for potential areas of increased exposure to liability. Evaluators may audit the injury-reporting process and other areas where reduction of liability may be achieved.

For further information or scheduling, please contact Angie Howe at (208) 334-6004 or

Idaho Employer Webinars

Medical Provider Workshop

The Medical Provider Workshop will provide physicians and other health care providers with an overview of the Idaho worker’s compensation system, from the perspective of the Commission.  The presentation will help medical providers understand their role in the process and the effect of their actions on the claims process.  It will provide information on how to more effectively manage the administrative role of the claims process from a medical provider’s perspective.

For additional information or to schedule a time for your office or group, please contact us at 208-334-6005 or email

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