Proof of Coverage

The Idaho Industrial Commission only accepts workers’ compensation insurance policy data from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) in the IAIABC EDI POC Release 3.0 format. A copy of the data element requirements, event tables, and edit matrix are available on the Commission’s website. Also, please refer to NCCI’s Proof of Coverage Circular, POC-ID-2013-0, which is available on NCCI’s website at for additional instructions on the requirements for Proof of Coverage Release 3.0.

New policies, renewal policies, reinstatement, and endorsement information must be reported to NCCI within 30 days of the effective date. Cancellations and non-renewals must be reported to NCCI within the time frames required by Idaho Code §72-311. If you have any questions regarding these reporting requirements, please contact a compliance specialist at (208) 334-6060 or by email at

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